Ben Nusser's JOBTINI Success Story
Maria Gonzales' JOBTINI Success Story

Ben Nusser's JOBTINI Success Story

THE JOB SEARCH BEGAN IN JANUARY 2007, after Ben Nusser's recent relocation to Seattle. Interested in breaking into the sales industry, Nusser began using national resume-posting websites, but with little luck. It was difficult, Nusser explains, to find local jobs that fell into line with the professional fieldwork he envisioned for himself with websites that were really "for anybody and everybody".

After three long months without finding that 'perfect fit', Nusser happened upon a career-networking event for diverse jobseekers in the Puget Sound region. On a Thursday evening in March, Nusser gathered his resume and headed to JOBTINI, an inaugural event sponsored by

The afternoon of JOBTINI, a hiring manager at Captaris Software Firm received word that over 100 jobseekers would be convening to make contact with employers who both valued diversity and were looking to hire. "We went with a 'let's see how this works' attitude," says Sean Gallagher, Director of Talent Management at Captaris. "And, we were pleasantly surprised by how well it was attended and structured."

The result? Nusser was able to talk one-on-one with a representative from Captaris, and two weeks later, he was hired as an Associate Sales Representative with the company. The relaxed format of the JOBTINI event allowed Nusser to discuss his career goals and relevant experience with potential employers in a way that showcased who he really was (rather than who he appeared on paper and online).

"JOBTINI brought together a good mix of qualified job seekers and recruiters for meaningful networking. Our result from attending was a quality hire," Gallagher says of the event and of Nusser.

Nusser adds, "The casual format and conversational approach made our discussions more open, compared to the more stressful types of interviews I've had. It was a great service and I highly recommend it."

JOBTINI takes the stress out of job-seeking and hiring, through social networking set in a local, neutral environment., a pioneering job website bringing jobseekers of color together with those employers who value workforce diversity, is excited to continue expanding JOBTINI to best serve client's needs. For more information on how you can make a success story out of JOBTINI, please contact us at 206/444-9251.

Maria Gonzales' JOBTINI Success Story

To suggest that Maria Gonzales made a "success" out of her JOBTINI experience is almost an understatement.

The 30-year-old attended ColorsNWCareers' networking event to further her career path in the non-profit sector. She walked out as a business owner. Well, almost. Entrepreneurship isn't a one-day deal, but Gonzalez certainly made the most of her informal interview with an American Family Insurance representative on the evening of JOBTINI.

Gonzalez, who in years past has worked under Senator Patty Murray and been active in not-for-profit enterprises, never imagined she'd find an ideal match within the much more corporate world of insurance sales. But, when she sat down with American Family Insurance during JOBTINI, she was asked three distinct questions that would later form the foundation for her career goal. She wanted to work hard, she wanted to help people, and - yes - she wanted to own her own business.

"I found really what I was looking for in a career, for myself. I've always wanted to be an entrepreneur, but I just didn't know how to match up the skills I had working in the community doing grassroots work with being an entrepreneur and an individual," she says.

American Family encouraged Gonzalez, who is Latina, to pursue insurance sales and agency ownership within the bilingual and bicultural communities - and Gonzalez followed the opportunity with her sails blazing. The night of JOBTINI, she forwarded her resume to the agent she'd met with; within a month, she was an American Family Insurance employee, and within three months (and several licensure exams and background checks later), she was the sole proprietor of her own American Family business in Bellevue - the Maria Gonzales Agency.

Because of its relaxed, conversational format and a diverse list of employers from a wide sampling of fields, the JOBTINI approach enabled Gonzales to really seek out where her skills could grow. As she explains, JOBTINI's focus - to bring jobseekers of color face-to-face with employers - was important to her success. "I would have been just a number before," she says of her exhausted attempts at online applications. "The number one thing [for me] was to be in front of people."

Now, the tables have turned. Gonzales, as a business owner and employer, is in need of her own staff of qualified agents to broaden connections in Seattle's multicultural communities. Where will she turn? "JOBTINI, definitely," she says.